domingo, 28 de mayo de 2017

Primary sector

In the primary sector, workers obtain raw materials from natural resources, for example, products from plants, animals and the soil. The primary sector includes jobs in crop farming, animal farming and fishing.

Crop farming is the activity of growing plants to obtain different products. These products are called crops. Most crops are grown for food, for example, cereals, fruit and vegetables. Others are grown for clothing, such as hemp and cotton.

Farm animals are called livestockFarmers breed animals for their meat, milk, eggs or skins.
There are two types of animal farming:
  • Extensive farming. Animals live in the open and eat grass from the fields, or grain.
  • Intensive farming. Animals live fenced in on farms or in barns. Farmers give them hay or dry feed to eat.

Fishermen catch fish and shellfish in rivers and seas. There are two types of sea fishing:
  • Coastal fishing. Fishermen fish near the coast. They go out to sea in small fishing boats and use nets.
  • Deep-sea fishing. Fishermen fish a long way from the coast. They go out to sea in big boats with modern machines. Deep-sea fishing boats have refrigerators that keep the fish fresh.
Fish farms are places where farmers breed fish and shellfish. Fish farms are built near rivers or on the coast. There are some fish farms in our city.

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